Our Services

We believe in rendering value based services to our clients. The value should make them come back to us. We define this value as quality & uniqueness of our services. We develop e-commerce solutions, enterprise applications, internet – Intranet applications, client-server applications, interactive multimedia solutions such as e-learning platforms, mobile apps and so on. Business domain is never a constraint for us. Insurance, banking, education, advertising, retail, health, transportation – we have handled them all.
Our services are supported by service level agreement (SLA) that ensures success at every small step than just the success at the end! SLA is NOT an overhead; it’s an agreement on accountability for the work to perform by various stakeholders on any project.
We like to be flexible in terms of pricing options we offer for our services. We wish our clients to get the best quote from our side. We offer Time & material and Fixed price option.

⇒Application Development, Maintenance and support

Ellipse provides variety of services in Application Development and support. Ellipse develops all sorts of applications like Web Based applications, Windows Based applications, Mobile applications etc. We also provide Warranty support, so client can make sure that application is working as per their expectation and there are no issues.
Ellipse not only develops from scratch applications, but we do sizable enhancement to the existing application. We also update/migrate the existing application to latest technology like VB6 application to .Net application or .Net framework update from 1.1 to 4.5.
We provide following services:

  • Enterprise Web & Desktop applications development & warranty support
  • System Integration projects based on API based point to point and Enterprise application integration technologies
  • Technology and infrastructure migration projects
  • Planned business enhancements (Level 3 change requests)
  • Cloud enablement of existing enterprise wide systems
  • Mobile application development for Android and iOS platforms


⇒Quality Assurance

Ellipse never compromise with the quality. We do intensive unit / functional testing and try to get rid of most of the bugs. We consider Quality as an integral part of our business strategy. We ensure that all critical defects are contained in appropriate phases such as requirements, analysis, design, coding and testing.
We offer:

  • Production defect fixes (Level 2 non conformities or production support)
  • Combination of Level 2 (production support) and Level 3 (change requests)
  • Operate & control or Business as usual support
  • Pure testing projects


⇒Project Management

Ellipse Project management & Delivery governance team plays a key role. They ensure the Scope, Risks, Time, Cost, Integration, Quality, Resources, Communication and procurement (if any) are initiated, planned, executed, controlled well during the project life cycle. Ellipse Delivery governance team ensures that all the key resource are made available to the project as and when required. If there are escalations or grievances from business teams, they are addressed in positivity to protect stakeholders’ interest to the best.
Our Project management focuses on ten areas:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality Procurement
  • Human resources
  • Communications
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management


Ellipse primarily is a Microsoft technology enabler. We undertake small to large size digital transformation projects for Microsoft .Net framework. The projects typically involve building enterprise level web & desktop applications windows platform involving .Net and third party components such as Telerik. They involve IIS as application server and Oracle or SQL as databases. They may also involve Windows Communication Foundation and / or Windows Presentation Foundation components. They use reporting tools such as Crystal and Telerik.
Ellipse did lot of technology migration projects such as upgrading from old versions of .Net frameworks to the latest version. Ellipse also undertakes infrastructure upgrade projects apart from technology upgrade.
Flowing with the latest industry trend, Ellipse has done a lot of strategic ground work and developed tangible solutions in the areas of Mobile computing and Cloud enabling. It involves application development for Android and iOS platforms. Cloud enabling solutions involves from ground zero development or end to end migration of existing set of applications on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon cloud. It typically involves leveraging shared infrastructure and services over cloud providers to build extremely cost effective solutions for your business needs. It’s a combination of Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS).

Category Technology
Web Asp.Net, Html, Html-5, Asp ,PHP, Java, Java Script, Xml, Jquery
Desktop Visual Besic.Net, WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation)
Operating System NT, Windows-8, Android, iOS
Database Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server ,My SQL
Dashboard / Reporting Crystal Report, Telerik Report, Logi analytics
Testing Manual Testing
3rd party controls Telerik web controls, Infragistics NetAdvantage
ETL /DWH Microsoft SSIS